Gravel Supply

Jack Cewe Ltd. owns and operates two Aggregate Mining divisions in British Columbia. Our Pipeline Road Operation, is centrally located in Coquitlam, and supplies a variety of aggregate materials and hot asphalt mix. Our Jervis Inlet Operation, is located on the Sunshine Coast and provides sales and barging facilities for offshore deliveries located anywhere on the West Coast of North America.

Pipeline Road – Coquitlam, British Columbia

Jack Cewe Ltd.’s Pipeline Road mining operation is one of the few aggregate sources located in the centre of the Lower Mainland. Being able to provide various aggregate products to the local construction and concrete industry, allows for a low carbon footprint and aids in the distribution of local products to local companies by minimising the distance aggregates are shipped across the GVRD.

Our company is committed to our reclamation process, by use of an extensive benching plan, responsibly dealing with this non-renewable resource so necessary to the local economy.

Water management is also a major factor in this area and Jack Cewe Ltd. continues with its commitment to the environment through the building of a clarification plant and an extensive ponding and ditching system containing and recycling our water used in our operation. By working with local government and participating in the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable, we are continuing our support to the viability and environmental health of our region.

Jervis Inlet – Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Our coastal operation allows the flexibility required to provide large quantities of material, barged anywhere in western coast North America. With washing and crushing operations, coupled with barging and offloading services, we have the ability to deliver quarry crushed and washed aggregates for all concrete and road building markets.