Our Products


All our products are 100% washed and manufactured, and can meet any project specification.

Concrete Aggregate
Both Pipeline Road and Jervis Inlet produce concrete sand, 14mm and 20mm concrete rock. This material is used to produce redi-mix and as premium drainage rock. Additionally, 8mm birdseye stone is used in redi-mix and as a self-compacting drain rock.

Asphalt Aggregate
Jack Cewe Ltd. has been producing asphalt aggregates since 1953. Contact us for your asphalt specification requirements.

Road Base and Sub-base Aggregates
Jack Cewe Ltd. can supply all aggregate products for road, parking lot and highway construction. All products, including 20mm road base, 75mm crushed select granular sub-base can be produced at both our pits. In addition, 3mm rock dust is available for soccer fields, baseball diamonds and pathways.

Washed Fill Sand and Cyclone Sand
Pipeline Road can supply all backfill and preload projects with our washed screened sand. Our cyclone sand is a premium economical option for 100% washed material for your next project.

Experienced pipe crew

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